In-Home TV Services in Orange County, CA

Did you just mount a brand-new flat screen television on your wall, only to realize it’s on the fritz and incapable of working properly? Don’t have the ability to pack up your TV and bring it in for repairs? No problem! Brea TV Service offers in-home television repair in Orange County, CA. We’ll come to you when your television isn’t working, to set it right in your own home.

In-Home Convenience

in home tv repair

Having to unmount a TV or unplug all of your connected devices is a huge pain—especially if you own a large model. And, trying to transport your TV to the store for repairs can result in even bigger problems! It’s why many of our customers call us for in-home TV repair in Orange County, CA.

We bring all of our expertise and capabilities directly to your home, delivering television repairs right where you live. Just call and schedule a time that’s convenient for you and let us know what types of issues you’re experiencing. We’ll come ready to work and provide solutions in no time at all! And, if we can’t perform repairs on-site at your home, we’ll safely and securely transport your TV to and from our storefront so it can get the repairs it needs.

Parts In-Stock

Because we have a wide variety of replacement parts in-stock, we’re able to perform repairs quicker than most other repair providers. Instead of ordering parts and waiting for them to ship or up-charging you for retail parts, we partner with the best distributors to keep reliable parts on-hand. That way, you pay less and get repairs quicker!

Get Your TV Fixed

If you’ve got a TV that’s just too big to pack up and bring in, give Brea TV Service a call for in-home TV repair or convenient pickup by our team. We’ll gladly come to your home and bring our television repair solutions with us. Contact us today at 714-529-1721 to schedule an appointment.

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