TV Lamp Sales in Orange County, CA

The average LCD or DLP lamp lasts for about 8,000 hours, which means that after a few years of watching your TV, you might start to see it burn out. If you turn on the TV one day and hear a popping noise or get a blank screen with sound, it means your television’s lamp is done for. Thankfully, that doesn’t mean the entire TV is broken—you just need a replacement lamp.

Brea TV Service stocks a wide variety of television lamps in Orange County, CA, allowing us to breathe new life into your old TV. When your lamp dies, we’ll be there to swap out the burnt-out lamp for an OEM replacement, restoring the picture and your entertainment for many more years to come.

TV Lamps In-Stock

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We stock most brands of TV lamps in Orange County, CA, in case your DLP goes blank and needs a replacement lamp to get it back up and running. Call us with your model number and our team will check stock status for you. If we don’t have it immediately on-hand, we’ll be glad to order it right away and will have it available for replacement in a day or two.

Affordable Replacements

Many people think that when their television’s lamp burns out, that’s the end for the TV itself. Not true! A simple lamp replacement is usually enough to get it all back up and running. Before you go out and spend hundreds or thousands on a new television, check with our repair techs to see if you just need an affordable lamp replacement. We’ll make sure you get it, saving you major costs.

Get the TV Lamp You Need

A burnt-out lamp will render your TV basically useless, with a dark picture that’s too hard to see to truly enjoy. Whether you’ve had your television for years or recently bought a new one with a defective lamp, Brea TV Service will provide lamp sales and service that restores its picture quality. Contact us today at 714-529-1721 to inquire about our TV lamp replacement capabilities.

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