Flat Screen TV Repair in Orange County, CA

working on tvYour TV isn’t just something you can replace when problems start to creep up. New TVs are expensive! If your television has lines in the screen, cracks, discoloration or issues with controls, Brea TV Service is ready to fix it. We’re experts when it comes to flat screen TV repair in Orange County, CA.

Our team works quickly, using quality parts and proven repair techniques to get your TV back into working condition. We’ll save you the cost of buying a brand-new television or sending your TV back to the manufacturer. Plus, we offer extended warranties on all of the televisions we repair, guaranteeing our workmanship and the function of any fixes we provide.

In-Store Repairs

We welcome customers at our location for in-store television repair in Orange County, CA. Bring your TV on in for a quick turn-around fix up and we’ll provide you with a completely free estimate. We have access to only the best parts distributors in the business, so you know your television is getting genuine, dependable parts.

  • Flat screen repair
  • Older TV model repairs
  • Cracked screen repairs

Models We Repair

We specialize in the repair of LCD, LED, plasma, DLP, LaserVue, projection and CRT televisions. Our years of experience have familiarized us with each unique type of television and the common problems they encounter. And, in addition to our wealth of expertise, we’re also familiar with some of the industry’s top name brands, including:

Get Your TV Working Again

No matter what problems your TV is experiencing, count on Brea TV Service to fix them. We deal with cracked screens, burnt-out lamps, damaged sensors and more. Our goal is to restore the picture and function of your TV, so you can get back to enjoying it! Reach us today at 714-529-1721 or stop in for in-store repairs.

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